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O&B Original Cartoon: Clowning Achievement

Clown College

Clown College? You can’t eat that

O&B Original Cartoon: Pyramid Scheme

paul ryan

Paid for by the nut industry

O&B Original Cartoon: (Nuclear) Winter is Coming


Call the Night’s Watch

O&B Original Cartoon: 7 Layers of Hell

7 layers

Or, why we’re thankful to live in San Diego

O&B Original Cartoon: Classical Ass


Dirty, dirty Titian!

O&B Original Cartoon: Got the Bulge


Slug to the gut

O&B Original Cartoon: Superstorm Santa’s Coming to Town


Have a bituminous Christmas!

O&B Original Cartoon: Food Bankers


Stamp of disapproval

O&B Original Cartoon: Wonton Cruelty

Fortune Cookie

In the hollowed halls of justice

O&B Original Cartoon: Career Opportunity

Career Opportunities

The one that always knocks

O&B Original Cartoon: Origin Story

Origin Story

American Werewolf Gothic

O&B Original Cartoon: Dining Out Route


Jumbo set

O&B Original Cartoon: Airline Peanuts

Airline Peanuts

Can also be used as a life-preserver

O&B Original Cartoon: Devotion



O&B Original Cartoon: Moonshiners


Owl and Bear will now be publishing original cartoons. Here’s our first one:

Analysis: Playing the Trump Card

Calling time on traditional values.

Juan Williams is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

America can’t admit that Muslims are okay.

Obama Wins I’m-Not-George-W.-Bush Prize

Obama Wins Nobel Prize

President Obama, the liberal media announced this morning, has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Poll: 73% of Doctors Across all Disciplines Support Public Health Care Option

Health Care - Public Option

May the bogeymen of Socialism be damned. According to a comprehensive new study, A large majority of doctors say there should be a public option…nearly three-quarters of physicians supported some form of a public option, either alone or in combination with private insurance options. Additionally, 63 percent of doctors say they favor giving patients a […]

Milton the Blind Kitten is Probably Dead By Now


What do you do when you walk out and this rain-wet kitten covered with flies drags itself out of the empty lot onto your property? You think it won’t make it a few more steps and it mewls when you get close and when you get close it’s covered not only by flies but maggots […]

Breaking: Obama Not a “Fan” of God on Facebook

Obama Chastising God

An O&B reader tipped us off to a news item that will no doubt dominate the airwaves for weeks, if not years, to come; it’s likely to even surpass the recent Michael Jackson Corpse-stravaganza in newsworthiness. Yes, something dreadful this way comes, and we’re proud to be the website to unleash it. So shocking is […]

Duncan D. Hunter: If Only ‘We Could Override The Endangered Species Act’ (CA & San Diego Links)


CA’s State Parks Generate $4.3 Billion Annually Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to close 80% of California’s state parks to address the state’s $24 billion budget deficit—even though park visitors pump $4.32 billion into the economy each year. In Grave Danger, Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard Gets a Reprieve The rare reptile may have one last chance, thanks to […]

Larry on Larry – An Interview With the King

Larry on Larry

Larry King, godfather of the softball question, published an autobiography earlier this week, called My Remarkable Journey. In the book, King finally answers all of the softball questions that have plagued our minds since he took to the airwaves in 1913. By promising King that we’d model our interview after his “promote, don’t go for the […]

99 Days of Obama

Barack Obama

On April 29, Barack Obama turns 100. Presidents sure do grow up fast. In many ways, the first 100 days are the most important time in a president’s career, perhaps due to the lopsided attention and arbitrary, question-begging importance bestowed upon them. If you’re looking for 100-days coverage, you’re in the wrong place. Maybe Maury […]