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The Owl and Bear Podcast: July 2016


The world is on fire, and it’s got us feeling sentimental for a time where we could go a goddamned day without mass shootings, state-sanctioned murder, massive terror attacks, or a good old-fashioned military coup. Continue reading…

Blonde Redhead Get Back on the Horse

Getting your jaw stepped on by a horse doesn’t do wonders for your singing career.

Just ask Kazu Makino, vocalist for New York-based post-rockers Blonde Redhead. In 2002, the Japan-born equestrian was thrown from her horse and trampled. The ensuing recovery forced the band into a hiatus, but it returned in 2004 with the excellent Misery Is A Butterfly (the video for album closer “Equus” provided a surreal depiction of the accident’s aftermath). Continue reading…