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Live Review: Menomena at the Casbah, September 17, 2010

Menomena‘s sound is that of a mind wrestling with its demons. Their songs careen between cacophony and quietude like an agitated stream of consciousness. The music swells and darkens but, just when it seems as if the demons will win, the band reins in the discord, and serenity is — at least for the moment — restored. Menomena’s mastery of chaos is one of their greatest strengths but, at their recent Casbah show, some real life chaos threatened to derail their performance. Continue reading…

Poetic Memory: The Miserable Rich (List)

When I listen to Brighton, England’s The Miserable Rich, I feel like I should be chasing a wheel of cheese down a cobblestone street somewhere in the South of France.

Well, not all of their songs make me feel that way. The song I speak of is called “Somerhill” — off the band’s excellent Of Flight and Fury LP — and it just has that old-timey, European feel to it. Their sound is typically referred to as chamber pop, but after a deeper listen, the plucky folk influence begins to shine through. If you’re a fan of Beirut or Fanfarlo, The Miserable Rich are a must-listen.

The band’s swirling, whimsical orchestral arrangements can feel lighter than air, but it is front man James de Malplaquet’s sincere, quivering croon that keeps the songs from floating away. De Malplaquet decided to create a list of the things that keep him grounded. His Poetic Memory is below. Continue reading…

Fanfarlo to Open ‘Reservoir’ 11/24 at the Casbah


Does anyone remember an album called Funeral, released by a then-unknown band called Arcade Fire? I know you’re racking your brain to remember. Do you remember how you felt when you first heard it? The sheer jubilation you enjoyed when the anthemic chorus erupted and subsided, sending chills down your spine? Some might say this is a stretch, but I experienced that once again listening to the album Reservoir, by yet another unknown band named Fanfarlo. Continue reading