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Neko Case Announces Summer Tour

Neko CaseA few months ago, Neko Case played a “secret show” at the Casbah, which was announced ahead of time on the underground Internet site MySpace. The show, designed to promote music enthusiasts TurboTax, was set to open its doors at 7pm and would only admit people on a first-come, first-serve basis.

However, people on the Casbah’s e-mailing list were told that they could show up at 3pm to get a wristband guaranteeing entry, and then reappear later and walk right in—information that was unavailable to anyone who found out the correct way (through MySpace). This therefore greatly benefited otherwise oblivious Casbah mailing list members; in other words, lots of people showed up a mere three to four hours ahead of time to find the show already sold out.

Those who missed Neko that night may be wondering if San Diego is to be included in her upcoming North American tour, but this time as a real show with purchasable tickets and an adequately-sized venue. Well, San Diegans can now rest easy because Neko has finally announced her tour dates and, if you did miss her last time, you remain hopelessly and utterly screwed.

However, if you live in any other city in North America, you’re in luck. Neko and her goddess-like vocals are coming to you! Tickets can be purchased here, and we’ve got the dates for you after the jump. You know, in spite of everything, we do still love you, Neko. Continue reading

I’m Not There

I’m Not There

I’m Not There kind of depends on the fact that any straightforward Bob Dylan biopic wouldn’t live up to expectations, and director Todd Haynes has lovingly exploited that fact by making a film so deliberately obtuse that it’s hard to actually criticize.

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