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This archive was created by members of Wilco’s ViaChicago fan community to make the band’s live shows more accessible to fans. All content below has been posted in good faith, in accordance with the band’s policy: “Wilco supports the free trading of live recordings for non-commercial purposes.”

Most of the files in this archive are encoded in a “lossless” format (FLAC, SHN). Lossless encoding is not as user-friendly as MP3s, but the quality is much better. Click here for more information on downloading, converting, and burning FLAC, SHN, and DVD files.

Many thanks go to ViaChicago members Analogman, Gogo, AricAndover, Carsten, Leslie Hapablap, Sammy, and many others. This archive would not exist without the hard work and support of these generous people.

And don’t forget to buy any Wilco-related recordings and merchandise that you can get your hands on; these are great people with big hearts who love to give, so please don’t just take from them.

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  1. Hi..

    Longshot.. but I’m looking a recording for the only time I got to see WILCO, at the Howling Wolf in New Orleans.. It was in 96.. I believe it was their very first show for their “Being There” tour.. W Jay Bennet (RIP).. Amazing show.. would love to relive it..


  2. Still searching for 8/5/15 at the Greek Theater in LA.

    I was at the show, it was a great show (they all are, but I’ve seen wilco many times and have to say that was my fave)….. I went while my dad was dying in the hospital and almost skipped it because I was just worn out – and it ended up being a beautiful, life affirming night. Also just love that era on the band. I have a 5 TB archive of live recordings ive been collecting since 1987, and am willing to trade whatever. Most of the wilco stuff I have is already on here.

    Love the site and thank you to all who contribute.

  3. Hey fellow Wilco fans,
    This site has been awesome for updating my live Wilco collection! I have added 4 of the 11 concerts that I personally attended. I already had two, and I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but this is probably one of the few places I can go for help, as other sites have directed me here. Does anyone have links to the following shows so I can complete my collection?

    07/29/02 – Omaha, NE/Sokol Auditorium
    10/28/07 – New Orleans, LA/Voodoo Fest
    04/25/09 – New Orleans, LA/JazzFest
    07/11/13 – Peoria, IL/Peoria Civic Center
    02/26/17 – Chicago, IL/Chicago Theatre (I know there were other shows from this Winterlude released in the Road Case, but I’d like this specific show.)

    Chris G.

  4. I’m going on two decades of listening to Wilco, saw them for the first time at Farm Aid ’98. I’ve seen Jeff, John, and the gang in many forms several times, but I’m missing a few shows, and I’m wondering if anyone can help me out. This site is an awesome spot, I upgraded a few of my mp3 shows to flac, and I’m loving it1

    Here are the ones that I attended that I’m missing:

    10/28/07 – New Orleans, LA – Voodoo Fest/City Park
    04/25/09 – New Orleans, LA – Jazzfest/Fair Grounds Race Course
    07/11013 – Peoria, IL – Americanarama/Civic Center
    07/29/02 – Omaha, NE – YHF Tour/Sokol Auditorium
    02/26/17 – Chicago, IL – Winterlude/Chicago Theatre (I know two of the other shows from this series have been released as road cases, but I can’t find the show I attended.)

    I also collect posters, so if anyone can help me out with finding any of those, that would be awesome too!

    Spring Tour 2009 by Kevin Tong (Including Jazzfest Show)
    Fall Tour 2007 (Including Voodoo Show)
    Spring 2008 Tour & Tipitina’s by Matthew Pfahlert
    Jeff Tweedy Solo, Austin, TX by Dirk Fowler
    Summer 2002
    Americanarama Peoria, IL

    Thanks everyone, and keep enjoying the awesome music!

  5. Looking for Rockford 6-14-17. I didn’t spot any tapers, and the venue seemed rather strict, but I have to at least ask. 😉

  6. If anyone happened to get a recording of the 6/14/2017 show in Rockford, Illinois please let me know. 🙂 thanks!!!

    1. I would love a copy of this too. I’ve been waiting for a Roadcase, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening… Anyone have a copy?

  7. Hi, does anyone have the audio from the show in Buenos Aires? It was on october 15th, 2016. In the archive I found the show in Brazil, which was one day later. Thanks!

  8. Anybody get the Hall’s Island, Minneapolis show 8-20-16? I know the Current was livestreaming it. I was there, but Id love a recording to remember it by.

    1. I keep hoping that … the fact that The Current streamed it live … that there will be a high quality recording available. I’m with you on wanting a recording of it! Wow. What a great show!

      1. Same here. Was there and then listened to the re-broadcast and it sounded fantastic. Hopefully becomes a Roadcase. Sounded like one worth releasing.

      1. I’m happy to buy an “official” download of the Philly show (my first Wilco show). Do they typically make every show available?

  9. Looking for any audio or video files of the performance from the Pitchfork Fest? It was live streamed & it’s already up on dime (I have no account) & being seeded etc., so I know it’s out there & will surface…
    Just looking to get it soonerer than laterer… FYI- for anyone who missed it…they did an incredible performance of the complete amazing new album “Star Wars” to lead off the show!!!!

      1. …what it is…

        Crossroads KC
        Kansas City, MO

        Source: Microtech Gefell m200 > Grace Designs V3 > Edirol R-44
        Location: FOB / Right of Center / 10 ft. high
        Lineage: Lineage: Reaper > CDWave > .Flac > Live Show Tagger
        Taped by: Michael B Lindsey (walbo [AT] hotmail [dot] com)
        Transferred by: Michael B Lindsey (walbo [AT] hotmail [dot] com)

        Recorded @ 24/48
        Seeded @ 24/48

        Set 1

        01. Via Chicago
        02. Handshake Drugs
        03. Kamera
        04. Company in My Back
        05. Art or Almost
        06. I Am Trying to Break your Heart
        07. One Wing
        08. Panthers
        09. Hummingbird
        10. Secret of the Sea *
        11. Heavy Metal Drummer
        12. I’m the Man Who Loves you
        13. Sunken Treasure
        14. Jesus, Etc.
        15. Born Alone
        16. Impossible Germany
        17. New Madrid **
        18. Forget the Flowers
        19. California Stars ***
        20. Box Full of Letters
        21. Dawned on Me
        22. A Shot in the Arm
        23. Crowd chatter
        24. True Love Will Find You in the End
        25. War on War
        26. Hesitating Beauty *
        27. Give Back the Key to My Heart ****
        28. Misunderstood

        * Words by Woodie Guthrie
        ** Uncle Tupelo cover
        *** Words by Woodie Guthrie. w/Steve Gunn & Band
        **** Douglas Wayne Sahm cover

        Taper Notes:
        R.I.P. Douglas Wayne Sahm, an 11 y/o that played with Hank Sr. is a hero
        by any standards.

        The encore was played acoustically and the gain has been increased post
        edit (a lot). A happy crowd clapping clips.
        The official set list has 3 additional songs not played,
        presumably due to the impending storm with lightning visible from the venue.
        Songs not played after track #22 are: Kingpin, Monday, & Outtasite. From the
        pic of official setlist, these appear to be first encore songs, with the
        encore here being second encore songs. Or, maybe Wilco just had a choice
        of encores to pick from. Either way, big thanks to the band for a great
        show and for permitting the audience to record and share the memories!

          1. for the record, it’s not really “a bootleg” if the artist’s policy supports audience recording and no one is making a profit off of the fruits of this strange hobby some of us invest a lot of time and money in – taping is a labor of love. “bootleg” just implies “illegal”, “stolen”, or “unauthorized” to many in the masses. there are some a-holes that do sell these things, and they deserve all the bad karma they get.

            call anything, but a “bootleg” 🙂


  10. Hello,

    Just was at Red Rocks last night. Can anyone get me a copy of the show. I would NEVER even ask about something this soon, but my fiancee and I were there and it was the best show I’ve ever seen, and we are getting married on July 31st. It was very romantic and I’d love to give her a copy for the wedding present…. Any help is appreciated. And thanks for loving such a great band and group of guys!

  11. Give it a second, the tapers might not have even gotten home yet, let alone started uploading their recordings.

    1. First two nights were great! Missed day 3. Cmon, I saw you there with your umbrella-covered mics! Okay, I’ll be patient.

    2. Check on dimeadozen or bt.etree in a few days. Or eventually Wilco will released SBD’s of the shows on their site.

      1. the same use that uploaded the unplugged set that I posted just uploaded the 2nd/electric set, and TWEEDY & friends on bt.etree

  12. still looking for 2003-06-27 Central Park, NYC.

    is this available?

    as always the time and efforts in spreading the music far and wide is highly appreciated.

    much mahalo

  13. How do I download these shows all at once, rather than one file at a time? I’m using Safari if that helps.

  14. Does anyone know if the Winter Residency shows from Chicago in December 2014 are going to be released? Anyone have a bootleg? Desperate to find a copy from Dec. 11, 2014 specifically.


    1. Hey. I have soundboard recordings of all the December shows in Chicago. Email me and I’ll hook you up. They’re amazing shows, superb sound quality, incredible setlists. Dream shows for any Wilco fan.


      1. Hello Matt, not sure how this will work. I am massive Jeff Tweedy and Wilco obsessive!
        I live in North wales, am a retired man and would love these shows.
        I am a bit of a Luddite so will have to ask a techie friend of mine to hep if necessary,
        thank you for going to this trouble.


        1. Hey, sorry for the delay but yeah man. I’m going to post links to all 6 Winter Residency shows here. Also I have a serious collection of Wilco and Jeff Tweedy solo shows, all excellent soundboard recordings. So if you’re interested I’ll hook you up. I’ll email you with more info, dates, etc. And I’ll post the links to download the Chicago 2014 Winter Residency shows on this page.

  15. Hello people. This is an amazing list of shows. However, I’m looking for the September 17th 2011 show at Massey Hall in Toronto. I have looked EVERYWHERE! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Great Set the other Night, guys (ATL). I’m squinting, which is followed by an unstoppable Smile. The simple thought that, each stop on your Tour, may actually have a different set list is, So wittily American to Me that. Well, I hope that your all enjoying it. I know that I will be, for years. The collaberative efforts with Mr. Weir, simply amaze One. I don’t think that Two Decks and a prepping JD, would have a chance, at the technique, tnere utilized. I’m sitting on it, Guys. Acually, what I’m thinking might grant you Months of Concentrated, play, Is Mixing the whole Tour, down. In it’s aftermath, it seems like a challenging One to Close. A tripple live (or two double’s) is Not a all beyond my comprehension, given the years of material, ln hand. The Collaberative spirit, sets such a Free and Open Terrain, that… With Songs, actually written On The Road, the nearly unescapable truth that, each song on the the band’s first l.p. ,AM actually Could, and in my opinion did (to the individual) hit the Number. That is the # 0ne on this thing that, that eye here, Is called the Billboard, or turn it, Maybe it was the Map, or Chart, if I can figure it out, here. Hold on, Give “another minute” and We’ll get back to you on that..Yet, with the possibility or prospect of NUNSUCH releasing a… Oh, Wait – hey, there it Is.. O.K. guys, to Quadroople One, is a thought. Either and all of these thought’s do weigh (daily perspective, Irony, Wit, the freedom Once felt by Dropping all that, a certaint set list, and.. Just Playing your Collection to the States. These Collaberative in roads, I’m keeping to myself, as I personally (and unfortunately) got caught up with… Well, it’s a long story but I missed the fucking Show! Dam it, I tossed my hat halway across the street, in such futile anger, over that. However, I did (soon after) get to hear – the prefomance, flat on my back, in bed. And thanks to a freind, it spun in the Strait Order of a 5 disc, C.d. changer, all evening, as I lay content in bed, with said friends dog, whom a one point, even gave me a loving Nip on the Nose. Well, my point is, I’m not one to miss shows, yet People Do Get Caught Up At Work, So. Whichever way that you guys decide to tackle this, I’m sure that their are Thousands of Us, still out here, with a Yet To Hear It. An Official Release, by 2014, would be, for Us, well Worth thw Wait. Now you Caught Me, though. You Caught Me thinking. Now look Mr. Tweedy, I know this may sound a touch far fetched, at the Moment. However, could you Cats actually pull off a Polvo cover by the end of this, Is a thought. Personally, I enjoy every peice that Wilco has ever released, and I understand that, it is a lot to cover. Lyrically though (with collaberation, such as exibited in ATL), I’m not saying a Downtown Deadication, but.. One of dem tunes could just Spin in out on NOWHERE, and Arc itself, just off kilter, just about any of your, truley delectable, Jams (even a tune in progress, for that Matter. Any Who, I’ll let you Guys and Gals off the hook, and back into your Own thoughtful imagination, there. If, however. If you are ever Driving into the Free and fine City of Pittsburgh, I implore you (too LOAD) a camera to the roof of your vehicle and Ask One of Us. Simply ask us How drive into the City, from behind Mount Washington. It’s a cool little thing. I beleive that Zeppelin “Did It” in The Song Remains The Same, and.. Well, thank you so much for the Brilliant set Put fourth to ATL, and I/we look forward, to that. Your next L.P:, with the utmost respect, concerning how “Relaxing” a time, that it Takes to write One. With that in Mind, good night and best wishes on the rest of the Tour.. It was so fucking cool, Our thank you. From: Gree (right off the top of his precocious mind) …
    ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR TOUR, We love to watch you Strut.

  17. Track 21 (I´m The Man Who Loves You) of tweedy 20080903 (Jeff Tweedy, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Auditorio de Palma, September 3, 2008) is defective. Does anybody have this? Thanks.

  18. I know this is pretty soon afterwards, but does anyone have a recording from the Wolf Trap show on 7/17/12? It was my first time seeing them live and would love to have a copy.

  19. I just wanted to say thank you for hosting this site as well as to the tapers for recording the shows. I’ve only recently gotten into Wilco, but I saw them this month in Tampa and I’m now completely addicted.

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  21. Hi, This site is great! If anyone has shows from early 1996, could you please upload them? Thanks! (ive always wanted to hear what the “being there” tour would’ve sounded like with Max in the band)

  22. Thank you, everyone, for a fantastic resource. I saw the guys recently (October 11th) at The Colston Hall in Bristol in the UK… they were, as you’d expect, brilliant!

    It’s great to have access to these live recordings … I downloaded the gig recorded on 07-13-09 at Keyspan Park – Brooklyn, NY … after reading that it had been available on the band’s site for a while. It is great (I’m enjoying it a lot) but can anyone help me find ‘Via Chicago’ (it wasn’t played at that particular gig) … I loved the live version I heard in Bristol and would like to have an MP3 of it from somewhere else … but the filenames are a little impenetrable!!

    By the way … I went to look for a t-shirt but none are available … Let me know when they are again and I’ll certainly buy one to show my gratitude!

    Thanks again


  23. Hi all has downloads of Wilco 22/9/11 MP3’s & Flac on request & 23/9/11 MP’3s & Flacs available now. are streaming the 23/9/11 show (not full show)…


  24. May I add my plea to Alfonso’s above?
    I admit I don’t much use the gym and only run if someone is chasing me, I listen to Wilco everywhere! And I’d give an arm and a leg to be able to listen to this by other means than my ancient computer’s crappy speakers… Plus, with my crappy connection, I’ve yet to listen to the whole show; I usually make it to the 30 min. mark and then something weird happens and that’s all she wrote…
    My address:

    I do hope we are not breaking any rules with all this shameless begging!

    Thanks in advance, best regards and thanks again to those responsible for this awesome page!


  25. Hello there, I´m a big Wilco fan from Spain. Does anybody knows where can I download the Sasquatch show that NPR made available only for a day? I know the stream is avalaible, but I´m not interested in it, I really NEED to have this in my ipod (Wilco shows are the best soundtracks to gym and running!). Thanks in advance and congratulations for this web, a real Shangri-La for the Wilco fanatics!
    PS: If it´s not allowed to put a link and someone is so nice, please send me to my email
    You really do me a great favour!

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, but I can’t find any way to download the show, and playback freezes after 30 min or so in my computer… Does anybody know where it can be downloaded? What I heard sounded freakin’ awesome!!

      1. Guys,

        Looks like NPR only had the lossy download up for a day or two..Sorry about the bum steer..You should still be able to stream tho, I haven’t had any probs.



  26. Can someone please post their ideas for TOP 10 shows on this page? Wilco, JT, etc. I kinda just want to collect the best sounding shows from different eras. Or if they aren't the greatest quality but have other elements that make them stand out, that'd be nice to know what people think, too.


  27. Thank you for his amazing resource. Unfortunately, the link to Wilco's June 17, 2007 Bonnaroo Webcast Video is broken.

  28. Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a recording of July 19th, 2009 at Artpark, Lewiston NY. It was a great show.


  29. BTW, how rude of me just to come barging in here without saying thank you for the awesome site!! Really a fabulous resource for Wilco junkies.

    Now if only someone had a recording of the show I was at in Fargo in May 2008! 🙂

  30. A bit of clarity/correction to one of the above compilations/demos:

    The "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Unknown Studio Session" is interesting, but doesn't appear to be from YHF sessions at all. It sounds totally like a a pre-show soundcheck.

    Also, the two "unknown" cuts are:

    Track 1: "Wishful Thinking" – which makes me doubt it's from 2000-01 as theorized in the notes. This song didn't come out until "A Ghost Is Born" (2004) and according to WilcoBase was never performed live until 2004. Then again, stranger things have happened…and this IS Wilco. "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" from A Ghost Is Born was first done in 2001, so this could have been an early working version of "Wishful Thinking" also. Plus, "Ashes of American Flags" is referred to on mic as its early working title, "Cash Machine."

    Track 7 is the classic "Sunken Treasure" from Being There (1996).

    I wish I could shed more light on this, but only the person who posted it would know where it came from. Anyway, as I said, I'm pretty sure it's really just a soundcheck.

  31. Great site for a great band. I don’t suppose there is a recording of their show at The Troxy in London, August 2009? I was there and it was incredible, and i’d love to be able to commemorate it with a recording.

  32. does anybody have a decent quality recording of the original poor places song?

    it was great in the I Am Trying To Break Your Heart film

    thanks, bromosapiens

  33. I live in Illinois just outside of Belleville. I have been a Wilco fan since Being There and Mermaid Aves. I have never missed them when they come to St.Louis. I have also seen them in Madison WI and I just flew to Savannah GA on March 25 2010 to see this tour. I would greatly appreciate any recording of that show. I took my brother who lives in Savannah and he had never heard of Wilco and he fell in love with there music and I would love to send him a copy. Thanks and thank you for having such a great site. I have bought all there cds and movies but nothing beats a live recording of a show you were at. Many thanks again and keep up the great work.


    1. Jill, if you look at WilcoBase – last entry below under "Friends" – you won't find any reference of Wilco (or Jeff or related acts) covering "Mr. Soul." Would be a great idea, though!

      1. The "Mr. Soul" tease is actually the beginning of "Broken Arrow." Neil Young recorded a faux-live sounding "Mr. Soul" as the start of the song.

  34. Awesome website!

    Does anybody have Arlene Schnitzer Auditorium (Portland OR 2010) show for download?

    Please post…was at the show and love the version of Sunken Treasure!

  35. Love this site…

    Wilco & Tweedy have inspired me to write again.

    I've been writing & recording instrumentals for the past 3 years.

    Since diving into Tweedyville….

    The lyrics are flowing again…

    I even went back to songs written 15 – 20 years ago & re-did them.

    Thanks again!

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