The Owl and Bear Podcast: September 2016

Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen by Amanda Marsalis

If you’ve been paying close attention to the podcast this year, you’ve probably noticed how hard we’ve tried to bring you an eclectic batch of music each month. But this month? This month we’re going to indulge in a whole lot of Owl and Bear comfort tunes.

This podcast is full of the the kind of music that our writers can get lost in over a long weekend and never get tired of. Punk rock women are here in full force, with songs from Lisa Prank and WALL.

We’ve also got heavy helpings of some great singer-songwriters, like Chris Staples, Angel Olsen, and L.A. Salami. And of course, we’ve left some room for full on indie legends, like Wilco and Nick Cave. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then this is the podcast that you’re bound to love the best.

The Owl and Bear Podcast: September 2016

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