Poetic Memory: Langhorne Slim (List)

A few weeks ago, Langhorne Slim and his ridiculously good band played the Casbah. We loved it, and as with many who’ve seen him on this tour, an obsession was born.

We recently asked Langhorne and his band — Jeff Ratner, David Moore, and Malachi DeLorenzo — to reveal their Poetic Memories, and they came back with a wide-ranging and reliable list that sheds light on what they’re reading, watching, and playing. Check it out below.

“Harold and Maude”: Still one of my favorite movies. Cat Stevens does the whole soundtrack. It’s strange, romantic, and black and white — just like me. (Langhorne Slim – vocals & guitar)

The Kinks: Almost any album. When people ask Beatles or Stones, I say what about the Kinks? (LS)

Ted Hawkins: A street singer in Santa Monica who has been stuck in my head a lot lately. His songs are simple, deep, and haunting. I think he’s amazing. (LS)

Books: I enjoy Flannery O’Connor, Chuck Klosterman, and pictures of naked people. (LS)

Dawes: One of the best live acts touring. They slayed Bowery Ballroom in NYC, and they’ll slay your local venue too. (Jeff Ratner – bass & vocals)

War with the Newts: Karel ÄŒapek’s book lightly prophesies humanity’s ugly side with an interesting sci-fi approach. Witty, true, and brilliant! (JR)

“Taxi Driver”: DeNiro is relentless, and Scorsese, forget about it. Inspiring for any artist striving to always be at their best. (JR)

The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel: She has this way of saying what she wants to say without actually saying it. Instead of telling you how to feel, she drops you into a situation where you just feel it. (David Moore – keys, banjo & vocals)

“The Wire”: This TV series completely reinvented my whole concept of narrative pacing. Like a good brisket, got to go low and slow. (DM)

“Chances With Wolves”: A radio show on East Village Radio out of NYC. These guys play the most diverse and unbelievable mix of old and new music, spanning all genres. I honestly don’t know where they get this stuff, but its incredible for long drives. To listen to a two-hour radio show every week and barely know a single song or artist, yet enjoy every one, is spectacular. It airs on Mondays from 4-6 p.m. (EST). (Malachi DeLorenzo – drums & vocals)

Haruki Murakami: Really any book, but my favorite is Kafka on the Shore. The worlds that Murakami creates in his novels are inspiring through and through. The books are so surreal and yet so human at the same time. I owe this obsession to an ex-girlfriend. (MD)

“New Sounds”: A radio show on WNYC hosted by John Schaefer. I listen to this almost every night when we’re not on the road. The context John gives to the work, as well as his choices, make for something consistently beautiful and relaxing. It airs daily at 11 p.m. (EST) on 93.9 WNYC. (MD)

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