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Review: Josh Ritter at the Belly Up, June 22, 2010

As expected, the amiable folk artist was at the top of his game.

Poetic Memory: Langhorne Slim (List)

Langhorne and his band reveal their influences.

Poetic Memory: Wheat (List)

Cat Stevens

For this edition of Poetic Memory, Wheat drummer Brendan Harney summed up his intentions better than we could’ve: The visual aspect of music and images associated with sound, melody, etc. have always played a major role in what we do as a band. So, as I mined that a bit, I started to think about […]

Slacker Uprising

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 failed in ousting the Bush administration from the White House in 2004. Slacker Uprising, the new film by Moore documenting the 2004 tour of the same name, gives him one more chance to proclaim, “Mission accomplished,” and be correct this time. (On a personal note, I don’t see how this film could fail […]