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Poetic Memory: Sonny and the Sunsets (List)

San Francisco-based Sonny & The Sunsets are preparing for the release of their new album. Out on August 31st through Fat Possum Records, the aptly titled Tomorrow Is Alright envelopes the listener in its soothing melodies and sun-soaked guitars, washing away even the smallest hint of pessimism.

Frontman Sonny Smith was kind enough to give us a glimpse of the influences that help him create perfect tunes for the endless summer romantic in all of us. Check out his Poetic Memory below. Continue reading…

Review: Josh Ritter at the Belly Up, June 22, 2010

Photo credit: T. Loper

Josh Ritter is an anachronism. With his suspenders and curly head of red, newsboy hair, he could be a turn-of-the-century busker or a character out of a Dickens novel. His minimalist, acoustic folk albums fit snugly alongside 1960s Bob Dylan and 1930s Woody Guthrie. But the thing that most sets Ritter apart from modern-day musicians isn’t his wardrobe or his music. It’s his smile. Continue reading…

Akron/Family Offer Admission for a Song (MP3)

Photo credit: Sebastian Mlynarski

At their recent shows, Akron/Family have been playing a song called “Woody Guthrie’s America” (MP3).

The song often becomes a sing-along that continues after the band has left the stage, and as a result of its anthemic nature, Akron/Family have collected over 20 versions sung and stomped by friends like Megafaun, Charlyne Yi, and Phonograph.

They’re now looking to hear your version — and as a way to encourage contributions, they’re offering free admission to anyone who submits their own interpretation. You can get started by visiting the Woody Project site, where you can download, stream, and sample the entire 25-song first volume.

If you’d like to contribute, send your own version to akronfamilywoodyproject@gmail.com, along with a photo and bio, and they’ll “post it as soon as we can.” More information about the project and Akron/Family tour dates are after the jump.

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