Video Premiere: Barbarian – “Last Call Withdrawal”

Last Call Withdrawal

San Diego band Barbarian are back with the new video for “Last Call Withdrawal.”

Getting a video for “Last Call Withdrawal” now is something of a surprise. The track appeared on Barbarian’s debut full-length Night Blooms, which was released way, way back in 2014. (Our readers will no doubt immediately recall this as the year that Latvia officially adopted the Euro as its currency.) We loved the song back then and, as we do with songs we love, featured it on our podcast.

So while getting a video now for a two-year-old song is a bit of an unusual development, it’s definitely not an unwelcome one. “Last Call Withdrawal” was an undeniable standout on the damn-good Night Blooms. The hazy track is at once upbeat and laid-back. It never insists on itself, but wraps around your brain with the comfort of a warm blanket or a glass of single malt.

We’ve known for a while now that “Last Call Withdrawal” is a great song, and now it finally has the video it deserves. Starring Barbarian frontman Andrew Mills and model Sophie Stephens, the video was shot in the gorgeous Imperial Valley desert/Salton Sea area. The easy chemistry between the two leads is as enjoyable to behold as the sun-drenched vistas.

The video was directed by Cory Ring and Blake Raynor of Kakalak Collective. If Raynor and Kakalak Collective sound familiar, it’s because they were also behind the recent “Crave” video for Dani Bell & the Tarantist, which also followed a photogenic couple around the desert to intoxicating effect.

“Last Call Withdrawal” is dedicated to Barbarian’s longtime producer/engineer and bassist Jon Greene, who has also worked with San Diego alums Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles. Greene passed away on November 5.

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