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This Is a Review by Andy Fargnoli of This Is a Book by Demetri Martin

The book could have been many things, but it’s all comedy in various forms.

Michael Ian Black: Changing the World, One Taco at a Time

A very famous person runs for the border.

Book Review: “Mr. Funny Pants” by Michael Showalter

The comedian’s debut book defies classification without sacrificing laughs.

Record Store Day: Is It Already That Time of Year Again?

Record Store Day is once again upon us.

The Curious Case of Jay Leno

Leno’s return to the Tonight Show raises a lot of questions.

The Judgment of Conan O’Brien

O’Brien plays Freebird with the long-bearded guy from ZZ Top.

Halloweening It Without Jeopardizing Your Indie Cred (An O&B How-To)


Because not wearing a costume isn’t an option.

Obama Wins I’m-Not-George-W.-Bush Prize

Obama Wins Nobel Prize

President Obama, the liberal media announced this morning, has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Zach Galifianakis Wants Pics of Your Tunts


Yup, Tunts. I’m not exactly sure what a Tunt is, but I do know Zach Galifianakis is definitely a Level-3 one of them. Another thing to consider is, you are or become a Tunt at the Jeffers Corporation, which, if you didn’t know, is “the largest and friendliest and most profitable corporation in the history […]

Issue-Having Michaels and the State of Things (TV)

Michael & Michael Have Issues

We’re in store for some meta-sketching, it seems

99 Days of Obama

Barack Obama

On April 29, Barack Obama turns 100. Presidents sure do grow up fast. In many ways, the first 100 days are the most important time in a president’s career, perhaps due to the lopsided attention and arbitrary, question-begging importance bestowed upon them. If you’re looking for 100-days coverage, you’re in the wrong place. Maybe Maury […]

Mitchell Hurwitz Says, ‘Sit Down, Shut Up’ (TV)

Sit Down Shut Up

Particle accelerators take things like protons and electrons, pack them into a device, and then launch the particles into an unwavering collision course with one another. Though this sounds like a lot of fun (like crash-testing cars), the goal is actual results, which the observers hope are significant and not a waste of time. Television […]

How to Hug Your Independent Record Store

Record Store

“Indie record stores,” says Chrys Hansen of Modern Music, the Caribbean’s most visited record store, “are where you go when you first realize there’s a whole new world of music for you to explore.” The Internet notwithstanding as perhaps one’s first stop when searching out what the world has to offer musically, Hansen’s words ring […]

Get Sum 41’s Greatest Hits Album For Free!

The legendary artistes of Sum 41 have a new fecal offering for the world, titled All the Good Shit. The best-of album contains fourteen tracks, compiling all of the Hot Topic punks’ hits to date, plus thirteen other songs. But before you pre-order the album or start camping outside your local mall to pay 18 bucks for it, […]

Colbert in Stereo (TV)

Stephen Colbert is a decorated (cultural) war hero and champion of truthiness, having won multiple Emmy Awards, coined a Word of the Year, and had a delicious flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream named after him. And now, the Apples in Stereo have done their part in honoring the praiseworthy Dr. Colbert (yes, it’s “Dr.” […]

Happy Days for ‘Arrested Development’

Last night’s Academy Awards were in many ways predictable, rife with the pomp, circumstance, film montages that are supposed to recall the majesty of movies, awards for mostly unsurprising recipients, and almost-funny jokes that we’ve all come to expect. On a side note, one of the evening’s sole surprises was that Hugh Jackman proved to […]

He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and, Gosh-(D-MN)-it, A Tiny Majority of People Like Him

Al Franken

In the end, the bespectacled buffoon Al Franken beat the John Kerry-caricature Norm Coleman by a paltry 225 votes, but, with over two months having passed since election night, the process took even longer than expected. Owl and Bear has an exclusive look into what happened.

Don’t Forget Your Roots, Jimmy

Gearing up for his NBC late-night premiere on March 2, 2009, Jimmy Fallon plans to release a series of behind-the-scenes Web-exclusive videos, the first of which aired (interneted?) last night. We didn’t learn all that much about Jimmy or the show except that he’s excited, and perhaps humbled, to be occupying the recently vacated news studio […]

Keeping It In the Family, or The Death Throes of a Dynasty

Let’s think back to the primaries and recall how historic they were turning out to be. Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were neck and neck in the primaries. Though it wasn’t clear who would take the nomination, we knew that we were in for an historic campaign either way. Obama would of […]

Bush To ‘Refurbish’ Legacy Before Jan. 20

These must be sad, lonely days for George W. Bush. As a lame-duck president with his lowest-ever approval ratings, his thoughts about a legacy must be grim. There’s the war in Iraq, there’s the dismal economy, and there’s nothing on TV anymore. Plus, the release of Oliver Stone’s biopic W. this fall couldn’t have helped […]

Sarah Palin Was Once (Mostly) Nonexistent

Ever wish you could travel back in time to see how our presidential and vice-presidential candidates were represented online—before they became household names? Well, thanks to Google, your wish has come true. In celebration of its tenth year, the quintessential search engine now allows users to surf the Web like it’s January 2001. Plug in […]

Slacker Uprising

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 failed in ousting the Bush administration from the White House in 2004. Slacker Uprising, the new film by Moore documenting the 2004 tour of the same name, gives him one more chance to proclaim, “Mission accomplished,” and be correct this time. (On a personal note, I don’t see how this film could fail […]

Nine Oh Two One Oh No You Didn’t

Or, Keeping Up with the Walshes If there’s anything the TV industry trusts, it’s precedent, which has brought us a parade of Judge Wapner impersonators, provided sixty-seven variations on CSI and Law and Order, and given Chevy Chase the opportunity to have a late-night talkshow. In other words, precedent is responsible for some of the […]

Do Not Disturb

Airing on the illustrious FOX network, Do Not Disturb, at first blush, seems to get its name from the fact that it’s set in a hotel. But I discovered, too late, that it had been named by my TV Guide, warning me not to mess with this show because I wasn’t going to like what […]