Michael Ian Black: Changing the World, One Taco at a Time

At around midnight yesterday, in the blackness of night, a very famous person did something that may not change the world. But, this thing will help the celebrity accomplish two things: express his love for Taco Bell and pay his mortgage.

To accomplish this, Michael Ian Black, the very famous person in question, has, to date, released two videos on Youtube, the first one appearing around 15 hours ago. In it, a bleary-eyed Black asks President Obama — who, with his NCAA brackets filled and Libya sufficiently bombed, seems to have nothing on his plate — to hire him, Michael Ian Black, as his cabinet’s Taco Bell spokesman. According to the video, this campaign has the support of Levar Burton, Rainn Wilson, and Dave Foley, whom Black outs as a Canadian.

In a video follow-up, released within the past few hours, Black runs through his cred as a spokesman: Sierra Mist, for which he was rewarded with a mini-football helmet signed by John Elway, and Pets.com, a company he’s willing to admit is out of business, but they let him keep the puppet, whose voice Black provided. So, yeah, he’s got the goods, in other words.

To help the cause, Black fans have taken to the Internet. A representative of what’s becoming popularly known as the Taco Party has set up a petition. Also, instead of reaching out to President Obama, for whatever reason, people are urging Taco Bell on Twitter to heed Michael Ian Black’s pledge to take him on as a spokesman. What’s more, Taco Bell has responded: “I’m flattered…and intrigued. Tell me more!”

We may not be watching history happen (unless we count spokesman-hired-via-twitter-and-youtube as history), but we are seeing a very famous (and deserving) guy get a gig.

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