Review: VHS or Beta, Feist, and The Hives; Saturday, November 10, 2007; 4th & B, San Diego

Review: VHS or Beta, Feist, and The Hives; Saturday, November 10, 2007; 4th & B, San Diego

VHS or Beta, Feist, and the Hives played the 94.9 Anniversary Bash at 4th & B in downtown San Diego.

VHS or Beta opened but weren’t really that enjoyable for me. They definitely play with a strong Cure influence, but they weren’t too entertaining, so I won’t touch on them anymore.

Feist’s strong guitar work was a pleasant surprise. Too bad the majority of the crowd didn’t appreciate her superb performance, because they were too busy talking. Idiots. I really enjoyed her the opener, “When I Was A Young Girl,” from her 2004 release Let It Die. After Feist’s set, the crowd really cleared out (WTF?). Did they forget that the Hives were next? I guess they just wanted to hear ipod commercial songs.

Is there a greater front man in modern rock than the cocky Pelle Almqvist? He was all over and sometimes off the stage, constantly proclaiming the Hives’ superiority. The band hardly ever took breaks and they rocked through many songs including “Hate To Say I Told You So,” “Diabolic Scheme,” “Walk Idiot Walk,” “Tick Tick Boom,” “Try It Again,” and “It Won’t Be Long” (my personal favorite off the new album). Overall, the Hives put on an entertaining, high energy show. Here’s proof from that night:

On a side note, it seemed like the #1 hobby of the Hives is spitting on the stage. I feel bad for whomever had to clean all that up.

5 thoughts on “Review: VHS or Beta, Feist, and The Hives; Saturday, November 10, 2007; 4th & B, San Diego”

  1. Well Casbah crowds aren’t bad.
    I’m sure they’re generally bad at the 2 downtown venues
    because idiots go downtown mostly exclusively to get drunk.

    I still haven’t seen Feist, but yeah, I understand
    she’s a great guitar player, and awesome at looping
    her vocals, (maybe she does this less now?) .

  2. I saw Feist about two or three years ago now, and it was just her performing solo. She opened up for Bright Eyes, and I have to say, that concert is one of the most memorable concerts I’ve seen. Feist has a very strong stage presence, and is like you said a very talented guitarist. As far as Bright Eyes, I’m sure the pretentious indie front doesn’t approve, but his live shows are some of the best in music today. I put that concert next to seeing My Morning Jacket and Wilco live. As far as VHS or Beta goes, they aren’t really a group to see at a bar. Their home shows in Louisville though are pretty dope. I’m more into country music, but VoB are good for some partying.

    Now the Hives? I haven’t really listened to them since I was 13. Hopefully they’ve gotten a lot better.

    But I’m sure their live shows would be a blast.

  3. There was a backing band with her and she played guitar on practically every song. I was really caught off guard on how accomplished of a guitarist Feist is. The set was probably about an hour. Sorry to hear you hate (rather strong word isn’t it?) the Hives, but they really know how to put on a high energy show that’s quite entertaining.

    San Diego is an interesting crowd to be among, but then again so is an LA crowd. At least the San Diegans show up on time to a gig (but do so WASTED). It’s also possible that my annoyance might have been derived from myself, because I seem to be annoyed by the general public rather easily nowadays.

  4. I haven’t been there yet, but I’d bet that 4th & B
    always sucks for a crowd because downtown san diego
    people are idiots, idiot drunks. Sorry you keep hitting
    that venue. That is I hope you get to see any other
    venue that’s decent (and there’s not many)

    I like Feist, was thinking of trying to make it
    to this. I hate the Hives and that vhs band though.
    Oh well. Sounds like the idiot crowd would’ve annoyed
    me too. “When I was a young girl” is so badass!
    She played solo? no?! with her whole band right?
    How long did she play?

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