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July 11, 2008

Your guide to the WALL-E controversy – This is an amazing article about WALL-E’s latent fascism that everyone should read.

Video: Man Man: “Doo Right” (Live on “Black Cab Sessions”) – Check out this video from Owl&Bear favorites (interview, download) Man Man. Here’s the video:

What’s This Generation Coming To? The Sub Pop Singles Club – Here’s a Pitchfork profile of the legendary Sub Pop Singles Club, which will return for a year to commemorate SubPop’s 20th Anniversary. Owl&Bear has subscribed (you can too!), and we plan to review each 7″ that comes in for the next year.

President Bush tells G8: “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter”, then punches the air while grinning widely – This is so painful that it should be an Onion article–but it isn’t. The thing I don’t understand is how he can say (and do) something like that, and at the same time try to coax Congress into drilling for oil on protected lands. These guys just don’t care about making political sense anymore. Meanwhile, Dick Cheney attended a racist’s funeral.

Jefferson Bible reveals Founding Father’s view of God, faith – These days, extremes and moderates of all stripes love to quote ole TJ, but I have to wonder: if Jefferson lived today, would people like George W. Bush still be attending parties at Monticello? Says one scholar: “Can you imagine the reaction if word got out that a president of the United States cut out Bible passages with scissors, glued them onto paper and said, ‘I only believe these parts?'” The Monticello website actually has a version for all to read.

Reprinted yearbook page to correct racist names for black students – Finally, this sad chapter is over. The affected students can finally look at their yearbooks, see the pasted-on page, and totally not remember why they had to paste a replacement page over the original one.

Pesticides That Kill Pests–But Not Pets – Wanna go green this year? Here’s a place to start: don’t join the ranks of U.S. homeowners who apply “some 100 million pounds of [synthetic lawn and garden chemicals] each year.”

Star Tribune Neglects to Disclose Oil Co. Ownership in Pro-Drilling Editorial – Oh, that thing?

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