Win ‘The UFO Has Landed – The Ry Cooder Anthology’ (Contest)

Owl&Bear is giving away a copy of Ry Cooder’s upcoming best of compilation, The UFO Has Landed; The Ry Cooder Anthology.

The CD and some extra special goodies will be mailed to the last entrant who emails us. To enter, email with your mailing address, AND one relevant or completely random sentence!

Suitable answers include but are not limited to “Because it’s free,” “Because my nickname is Cooter,” “Purple monkey dishwasher,” and “Because I’m John McCain and I approve this message”.

Entrants who don’t follow these directions will be disqualified. This contest ends on 11/30 at 11:59 PM PST.

If you’re too lazy to enter, you can buy the CD by clicking on the image above.

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