Pale White Moon Lures Wolf (MP3)

If you’ve watched Showtime’s Emmy award-winning documentary series This American Life, you’ve probably heard the music of Pale White Moon.

Many of the songs on the band’s new album, Call of the Wolf Peach, have accompanied this screen adaptation of Ira Glass’s NPR program, and they’re a perfect fit. Pale White Moon’s looping strings, ebow, tuba, percussion, and female vocals do well to capture Glass’s reflective — and sometimes uncomfortable — stories.

The New Haven, Connecticut band cites a range of influences — from Cat Power to Brian Eno to Hank Williams — so it should come as no surprise that their music is rewarding and interesting.

Songs from Call of the Wolf Peach are also featured in the upcoming documentary LaPorte, Indiana, a film about post-war America as told through the lens of 18,000 photos found in the back of a local diner. Check out the trailer for LaPorte, Indiana (above), which features Pale White Moon’s song “Radio Waves and Distant Star”.

For a taste of the forthcoming album, check out “Frost Flowers” (MP3). Singer Ilona Virostek’s haunting vocals will leave you wanting more.

Call of the Wolf Peach will be released on March 2, 2010.

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