San Diego Gets Smart

Photo credit: Lambfarm

If you find yourself complaining that they just don’t make music like they used to, you need The Smart Brothers in your life. Oscillating between high-energy roots romps and tender ballads of surprising depth, the San Diego duo create charming, old-timey folk just like grandpa used to make. With their finely crafted compositions and intricate, flawless harmonies, The Smart Brothers make music to fall in love with—and fall in love to.

They also put on one of the most entertaining and theatrical shows around. The Smart Brothers work the crowd like Vaudevillian performers, tossing instruments back and forth, winking at the audience, and hearkening back to a bygone era in a way that belies their youthful appearance. If there’s a downside to seeing them play, it’s that the next few bands you see live will seem far less talented by comparison.

To see them in action, head on down to Hillcrest’s Java Joe’s on Friday, February 26th. The show will be The Smart Brothers’ last San Diego one for awhile; the endlessly nomadic troubadours are embarking on yet another cross-country tour in March.

The soggy-bottomed boys will be joined at Java Joe’s by the similarly anachronistic Gregory Page, who just released his latest album, Heartstrings, on Valentine’s Day. Page sure is keeping himself busy lately; he’ll also be playing the official SoundDiego launch party on March 4th with The Silent Comedy.

The Java Joe’s show starts at 8pm, and you won’t want to miss it. If nothing else, it’ll be fascinating to see how much more animated the already hyper Smart Brothers get once they’ve been caffeinated.

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