Buzzcocks Still Going Steady

Grandfathers of punk Buzzcocks will play San Diego’s House of Blues tonight.

Those of you who have never sported a mohawk or adorned your clothes with safety pins may not know the four-piece from Bolton (the town in England, not the Michael), but for people who worship at the church of the Ramones and The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks are just as sacred.

The group formed in 1976 and broke up five years later, but have reunited numerous times since. The band’s current incarnation is its eleventh, with founding members Pete Shelly and Steve Diggle backed by the newfangled rhythm section of Tony Barber and Danny Farrant. Despite the revolving lineup, the band’s knack for mixing catchy pop melodies with danceable grooves and energetic guitar has emerged unscathed.

Buzzcocks’ 70s output has earned them a place among punk and new wave’s most revered acts. Even the uninitiated have probably heard infectious classics “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays,” “What Do I Get?,” and “Ever Fallen in Love?” before, and their ballad of sensory confusion “Why Can’t I Touch It?” was recently featured in an episode of HBO’s Entourage.

The devoted and the curious will have their chance to catch Buzzcocks in action at tonight’s House of Blues show, where they’ll play the classic albums Another Music in a Different Kitchen and Love Bites in their entirety. Opening act The Dollyrots will be on hand to warm up the crowd. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

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