Florence and the Machine – ‘Dog Days Are Over’ (Video)

Florence Welch isn’t shy. The lead singer of Florence and the Machine has a powerful set of pipes, and she uses it to belt out notes with abandon. As a child, Welch was frequently reprimanded in school for impromptu singing, and got her break by serenading Mairead Nash of British DJ duo Queens of Noize during a chance bathroom encounter. Welch’s outgoing personality is also evident in her lyrics — her band’s first hit was “Kiss With a Fist,” a stunning ode to passion and violence.

Florence and the Machine’s video for “Dog Days Are Over” is currently nominated for Best Rock Video and Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards. Both honors will be decided by fans, so you can help the band win by voting here and here. With its Eastern imagery and soulful vocals, the video is a great demonstration of Welch’s quirky charm and tenacious talent.

After you vote, head on over to the band’s Facebook page for a free download of “Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix).” And, if you feel like “liking” the page while you’re there, don’t be shy.

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