Poetic Memory: HoneyHoney (List)

Venice, California’s HoneyHoney — everybody’s favorite folkybluesyrockpop band with a foxy lead singer — will be opening for Xavier Rudd tonight at the Belly Up Tavern.

For evidence of the duo’s talent, you need look no further than the cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” on their afore-linked MySpace page. Suzanne Santo’s vocals are simultaneously world-weary and light as air, effectively erasing any memory of that Billy Corgan guy. And that’s just a cover — their playful, sauntering originals have enough soul and fire to keep your toes tapping through the night.

As you anxiously await the Belly Up’s open doors, check out HoneyHoney’s top 10 mind-blowing life experiences, located below.

10. Seeing The Matrix for the first time. In the theater. We were just wee kids and didn’t even get the crazy religious undertones.

9. First cross country road trip accompanied by the music of Tenacious D. That first “D” record should figure in to any best album list.

8. Playing our biggest gig ever at the Chicago folk roots festival and having all stage power go out. It sounded like beooowwwww.

7. Early teen discovery of self love.

6. Mid-teen discovery of partner-based love.

5. Going to Gdansk, Poland for 72 hours to play one song accompanied by instrumental tracks of our record. It was a 17-hour flight.

4. A meal at India House in Chicago, which receives the highest of HoneyHoney accolades in our cross-country Indian food taste off and music tour.

3. Hanging at the farm we were just at this morning. There were massive horses that bumped up on our cart like they were t-rexes or something. It was up near Santa Cruz among the glorious golden hills.

2. Learning to read.

1. A Rage against the Machine concert a buncha years back. There was a man there with a little baby; he truly looked as if he was about to sacrifice it to the mosh pit.

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