Sufjan Stevens Releases Surprise EP Today

The once-prolific Sufjan Stevens released a brand new EP, entitled All Delighted People, for download today. A CD and vinyl release of the EP is planned for later this year. Here’s the scoop:

All Delighted People is built around two different versions of Sufjan’s long-form epic ballad “All Delighted People,” a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simon’s “Sounds of Silence.” The EP includes two versions of “All Delighted People,” which Sufjan debuted on his 2009 tour. Along with six other new songs, the collection is his first original song-oriented material since 2006.

The EP is Stevens’ most coherent work in years, and a return to the (somewhat) more conventional songwriting of his Illinois and Michigan albums. Its eight tracks are brimming with the naked emotion and orchestral swells that make him one of music’s most fascinating songwriters.

So what are you waiting for? Buy it or stream it here.

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