Michael Showalter Puts on His Funny Pants

The Casbah is San Diego’s most famous music venue, and over the years it has played host to thousands of groups ranging from Nirvana to Arcade Fire. But on March 4, the act set to grace the club’s hallowed stage won’t be a band or musician at all — it’ll be some guy named Michael Showalter.

For anyone who watched MTV’s classic 90’s-era sketch comedy show, The State, Showalter’s name should ring a bell or two. The lanky funnyman was one of the show’s breakout cast members, propelling characters like the perpetually departing “Doug” into the national zeitgeist.

In the years since The State, Showalter has brought his subtle wit and goofy mannerisms to a plethora of movies and TV shows, including The Baxter (in which he starred alongside Michelle Williams and Elizabeth Banks), the Comedy Central show Stella! (which reunited him with State mates David Wain and Michael Ian Black), and the campy comedy Wet Hot American Summer, which is one of the last decade’s most beloved and quotable comedies.

When he’s not acting, the Brooklyn resident exercises his considerable wit by writing and doing stand-up. He’s currently touring in support of his book Mr. Funny Pants, which has him appearing in bookstores and comedy clubs across the country. If the comedian’s appearance on March 4 is anything like his 2007 album Sandwiches and Cats, it should be a hilarious, vulgar time and — since this is the Casbah we’re talking about — even feature a song or two.

The show starts at 6:30pm, and tickets can be purchased here.

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