The Stereotypes Get Literal

Photo credit: Jen Jansen

San Diego’s The Stereotypes will play Bar Pink on Saturday, March 5, but it isn’t just a show — it’s an after-party.

Any logician will explain to you — usually smugly — that you can’t have an after-party without first having a party, and the Stereotypes shindig is no exception. The main event is a book reading by Greg Gerding — author of Piss Artist and The Idiot Parade — to be held at North Park’s Agitprop art space. A former resident of San Diego, Gerding has drawn comparisons to Charles Bukowski with his down-to-earth, whiskey-soaked approach to poetry. The reading starts at 7:00pm.

After that, everyone will move to the nearby Bar Pink for the afore-mentioned after-party. Opening band The MilkCrates and DJ’s Mikey Face & Angie will be on hand to get things moving, and then it’s on to the headliners.

The Stereotypes have been a fixture of the San Diego scene since forming in 2001, and have released a whopping 11 albums and EPs over the years, each one named for a different number or color. A warning to all you a capella fans out there: these Stereotypes are not to be confused with the thirteen-piece, Of Montral-covering group of the same name.

The reading and its after-party are the brainchild of The Latent Print, a San Diego-based art and literature platform. They just relaunched their website in January — now with extra spiffiness — and the Gerding reading is the first of many events they’ve got planned for the coming months. For those not in the know, the very cool Latent Print is dedicated to shining a spotlight on local writers and artists, and to creating a community in which fans can discuss and share their passion for art and writing.

Literature, rock and roll, and copious amounts of alcohol — not a bad way to spend a Saturday night. Who wants to be in charge of the after-after-party?

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