Live Review: Papercuts, Kynan, and Devotionals at the Tin Can Ale House, March 12, 2011

In a much-anticipated performance, Sub Pop dream poppers Papercuts played the Tin Can Ale House last Saturday.

The band, led by singer/guitarist Jason Robert Quever, charged through a repertoire that included tracks from this year’s Fading Parade and previous records like You Can Have What You Want. Quever and his band put on a good set without diverging too much from their recorded material, but any sense of stiffness was offset by the strength of Fading Parade‘s tracklist. That, combined with Quever’s hypnotic style, kept the audience in a trance, while singles “I’ll See You Later I Guess,” “Do What You Will,” and set closer “Do You Really Wanna Know,” were crowd-pleasers.

Although most of the crowd was there to see Papercuts, a fair number of people showed up for the night’s first act, Devotionals. And while the side project of Two Gallants drummer Tyson Vogel certainly had some devoted fans, some of Vogel’s meandering, 60s folk-inspired jam sessions tried the patience of those not in-the-know.

Devotionals picked up steam toward the end, giving hints of how the project might someday evolve. However, by the last song, at least one member of the crowd had had enough of the very informal jamming, and loudly ordered them to “play something else.” Though he (rightly) received plenty of glares for his rudeness, many people probably silently agreed. Devotionals didn’t seem to notice, though, and Vogel pounded away on his drums as the ten-minute song finally climaxed.

A handful of locals also came out to support Kynan, the solo project of underage D/Wolves genius Joel Williams. Maybe everyone was just happy to hear something that wasn’t Devotionals — and Kynan’s sampled, electronic stylings certainly were not — but the crowd ate it up. By the end of Kynan’s set, instead of demanding less, the audience begged for more. Williams directed interested parties to his Bandcamp page, where all of his project’s songs may be downloaded for free.

Photos – Papercuts at the Tin Can Ale House, March 12, 2011

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