Poetic Memory: Timber Timbre (List)

MP3: Timber Timbre – “Black Water”

Timber Timbre‘s sophomore effort, Creep On Creepin’ On, sees the band bringing us even more of its characteristic, Halloween-style dance rock, from the Leonard Cohen-esque opener “Bad Ritual,” to the Shining Soundtrack-styled “Swamp Magic.” It’s the kind of music that makes you want to dim the lights, get that old headless mannequin out of the attic, and have a nice slowdance.

The Canadian band will play the Casbah on June 12, along with sad singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler. It should be a dark night, indeed. In anticipation of the show, Timber Timbre provided us with a list of their influences.

Poetic Memory: Timber Timbre

David Lynch: Watched Blue Velvet and Lost Highway the other night, for the first time in years. I’ve always been fascinated by the way Lynch will subvert the familiar and mundane to make something dissonant and terrifying.

Pink Floyd: In high school I only listened to Pink Floyd. I had all the albums and film soundtracks. I even had a recurring dream about an unknown Pink Floyd record that I supposedly had but then lost. Yep.

Andrew Wyeth: I’ve been enamoured with his paintings ever since I saw Christina’s World. Something about his work always conjures a nostalgia for my childhood and upbringing. I still haven’t seen his work in person. I need to do something about this.

Coca-Cola: I am addicted to coca cola classic. I drink it for headaches, nausea, and dizziness. I drink it as a substitute for alcohol, coffee, and water. I also believe it allows me to see into the future. Help me.

William Faulkner: I have a ragged old copy of As I Lay Dying in a frame at home. Apparently he refused to give an interview even when he won the Nobel prize in 1949, saying he wished his obit and epitaph to say only “he wrote the books and he died.” What a cool guy.

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