Nurses Announce New Album, Premiere MP3

Photo credit: Tyler Kohlhoff

MP3: Nurses – “Fever Dreams” (from Dracula)
MP3: Nurses – “Technicolor” (from Apple’s Acre)
MP3: Nurses – “Caterpillar Playground” (from Apple’s Acre)

Portland band Nurses are back with their new album, Dracula (out September 20 in the U.S.), the follow-up to their 2009 homemade psych gem Apple’s Acre. While steeped in the strange pop brew that bore Apple’s Acre, Dracula shows a maturity and embodied depth that makes it the older brother to AA‘s younger sibling. Band member Aaron Chapman describes the change, “Apple’s Acre was more rooted in the fantastical, intangible, surreal. After making that record we became way more interested in the more physical aspects of life – solid, real things. Mainly the human form. Dancing and playing basketball. Beats. How rhythm speaks to the body. Dracula feels like it has more of a physical presence to us.” This corporeal sense is translated in the final product; it is bolder and heavier with deep grooves, funky bass lines and a focus on rhythm.

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