Video: Drew Andrews – “Bear Trap”

Drew Andrews is a nice guy. Last month, when the Album Leaf member/solo artist was nominated for Best Electronic Act at the San Diego Music Awards, he issued a statement asking people to vote for the category’s other nominees instead. You see, Andrews won the honor last year, and wants to see the award go to one of the other local acts he admires.

That sort of selflessness might be rare in other cities, but it’s just one of the things that makes San Diego’s music scene so special. That scene was on full display at the Habitat House on Saturday during the living room venue’s Festivus Quietus event. Eight bands — including Rafter, Maren Parusel, and John Meeks — took to the Golden Hill living room for an all-day festival that celebrated some of our city’s finest talent.

Because we know you like talent, we grabbed some video of the affable Andrews performing his song “Bear Trap,” which you can watch above.

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