Live Photos: Miss Erika Davies and Brian Karscig at 3rd Space, November 19, 2011

Photos by Chris Maroulakos

The November installment of Sight and Sound went off on Saturday night at University Heights’ 3rd Space. As you might expect from the reliably classy event series, there was plenty to keep people entertained, including free massages, face painting, art, booze, and crepes. And because the night wouldn’t have been complete without music, a pair of local heavyweights were on hand to serve up some tunes.

Following a set by a beatboxer named Generik (probably not the type of lead-in she’s accustomed to), Miss Erika Davies took to the stage with her trustee band. Together, the trio — which included Gary Hankins on guitar and Christopher Carroll on drums — treated the crowd to songs from her gorgeous full-length, Galaxy Lakes.

Next, Nervous Wreckords frontman/Owl and Bear tee-shirt owner Brian Karscig unfurled some laid-back country ditties. The songs bore little resemblance to the rock-and-roll glitz of his normal band, but the intimate setting at 3rd Space proved an ideal setting for him to show off his twangy side.

Photos – Miss Erika Davies at 3rd Space – November 19, 2011

Photos – Brian Karscig at 3rd Space – November 19, 2011

2 thoughts on “Live Photos: Miss Erika Davies and Brian Karscig at 3rd Space, November 19, 2011”

  1. Brian Karscig used to be in Convoy before Louis XIV. Convoy dabbled in country rock, among other styles, and they were damn good at it, so no surprise that Karscig can go back to that style at will. I’m not hearing any country rock in the Nervous Wreckords stuff from the link above, though, just more lame synthetic music. When you say his normal band, do you mean Louis XIV or Nervous Wreckords? Yeah, I’m still bitter that Convoy abandoned good music for very very bad music.

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