Poetic Memory: Spaceships (List)

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Spaceships may have a name that’s out of this world, but their music is unmistakably down-to-earth.

According to their Bandcamp page, the LA duo writes songs about “life, mountains, and also other things like death and working.” But even if they opted for lyrics about aliens and tractor beams, Spaceships’ upbeat, fuzzed-out garage rock would keep their sound firmly planted on Earth. That power-chord-heavy goodness is on full display on the band’s self-titled EP, which you can download for free above. Clocking in at just twenty-two minutes, the EP crams a full album’s worth of hooks into its brisk running time.

What with the EP being so short and all, you’ll have time to give it plenty of listens between now and March 15, when Spaceships play Bar Eleven. In anticipation of the show, band members Jessie Waite and Kevin LaRose provided us with a list of their influences. You can read it below.

Spaceships Poetic Memory

1. Yoko Ono, The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up, Buddy Holly, The Breeders, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, Ween – The Pod, The Ronettes – “Be My Baby,” Dinosaur Jr., The Ramones – “Pet Semetary,” Blank Dogs, Le Tigre, Manchester in the 80s, etc…
2. Chandler, Faulkner, Phillip Pullman, Austen, Leguin, Shakespeare, Gaiman, Tolkien, Kerouac, etc.
3. Might we recommend Little Buddha, starring Keanu Reeves? If you’re not up for that, you might try Season of the Witch, starring Nicolas Cage. Or perhaps The Game, with Mikey Douglas and Sean Penniss?
4. Carl Sagan.
5. Rauschenberg, Claire Rojas, Alice Neal, Duchamp, Joseph Cornell, Ohana Choe, Henry Darger, and so many more.
6. If there isn’t a cat backlash already there will be soon, as there is for anything that gets so popular so quickly. No matter what happens, we stand by the fact that cats are the best household pet, for sure.
7. Hayao Miyazaki
8. DIY: Do it yourself, because no one can do it like you do.
9. Mountains, Oceans, Cities, Forests, Space, Shooting Stars, Deserts, Rainbows, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Glaciers, Night Skies, Towns, Farms, Hamlets, Villages, etc…
10. Pizza, beerz, legal weed, (note: we aren’t saying sex ’cause of political reasons and family) well rounded safe danger, and friends.

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