Live Review & Photos: Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, and The Feeling of Love at the Casbah, March 5, 2012

MP3: Ty Segall – “You Make the Sun Fry”

On March 5, Ty Segall and his band of merry misfits brought the noise to San Diego.

The evening consisted of three bands: France’s The Feeling of Love, frequent Segall collaborator Mikal Cronin, and the psych rock shredder himself, supposedly in that order. For some reason, however, the bands had democratically decided to change the order, plopping the French band in the middle instead of having them play first.

For his part, the newly anointed opener Cronin put on an excellent opening set, with memorable performances from his entire band — from the ripped female drummer, to the enthusiastic jorts-wearing bassist, to the guitar duels between Robin Pecknold lookalike Cronin and sideman Segall. Even though Segall was a full member of Cronin’s band, some people were clearly there just to see Cronin; one girl in the audience even kissed his hand after the show. Both the music and hero-worship were surreal.

The Feeling of Love played next, unfortunately breaking up what would’ve been two back-to-back sets of surf punk goodness. Wobbly drunk groupies seemed to adore the well-intentioned Feeling of Love, but few other audience members seemed interested.

Any energy squandered by the Feeling of Love was quickly recovered during Segall’s ass-kicking headlining set. The crowd went feral with each song — save the slowish title track from his new album — crashing into each other, throwing beers, and sweating it out with reckless abandon. Segall played a 20-song set from his expansive catalog, prayed to the feedback gods (literally), and generally paid off for everyone in attendance.

Photos – Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin at the Casbah – March 5, 2012

The Feeling of Love

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