Album Review: Passion Pit – ‘Gossamer’

On Gossamer, Passion Pit synthesize their sound from schizophrenic electro-pop to an orchestra of rhythmic, electronic harmony. The album, released in July, chronicles frontman Michael Angelkos’ various battles with alcoholism, mental illness, depression, and relationship turbulence. Such topics may seem dark, but they are accompanied by music that is so joyous, it practically gives you an electro-hug.

Gossamer does something that is rarely achieved on sophomore albums — it keeps you interested and surprised at every turn. It’s simultaneously danceable yet retrospective, a rare balance that puts Passion Pit in the same league as bands like The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem. Tracks like “I’ll Be All Right” send you on a spastic, cosmic carnival ride in the best possible way, and that sense of delight and sincerity is captured throughout the album.

Those who tired of “Sleepy Head” (from 2009’s Manners) and its endless remix incarnations should take a second look at Passion Pit. I was like you once. However, just two tracks into Gossamer, and I succumbed to its sonic bliss. Now, I’m wide awake to the creative talent (and, dare I say, Passion) that Angelkos and company put into their art.

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2 Responses to “Album Review: Passion Pit – ‘Gossamer’”

  1. Emma says:

    My favorite song definitely has to be It’ll Be Alright! I love your description of their music though, “schizophrenic electro-pop.” I could never put a word to what they come out with, but you hit the nail on the head. I just came across an article that Pitchfork wrote on them, definitely recommend checking it out!

  2. Webb says:

    Nice review. I’ve been enjoying the album as well but not quite as much as their first.

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