Video Premiere: Smile Now Cry Later – “Bubbles and Whoop/Just Wanna”

Anyone who has seen Smile Now Cry Later — a.k.a. Lizeth Santos — perform knows that she can multitask. The one-woman dance-pop band can be found singing, dancing, drumming, using loops, and booty shaking at her live shows, usually all at once. And now, thanks to the new double video for “Bubbles and Whoop/Just Wanna,” Santos can add directing, cinematography, styling, and editing to her already-extensive résumé.

For the uninitiated, “Bubbles and Whoop” and “Just Wanna” are tracks off of Smile Now Cry Later’s self-titled debut, which was released in July. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Santos’ husband and frequent collaborator Rafter Roberts. Together, the two have managed to create an endlessly danceable record that’s catchy, quirky, and more giddy fun than any other release this year.

With its bright colors, rapid-fire editing, and high-fashion flair, the video for “Bubbles and Whoop/Just Wanna” is pure Smile Now Cry Later, and we’re proud to premiere it here. Santos may have a DIY mentality, but the polished, assured clip looks like the high-budget work of a major label.

If you like the video, go ahead and buy her album from iTunes or Bandcamp. If you don’t like the video, please make sure that you have turned your sound on, opened your eyes, and pressed play.

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