Live Review & Photos: Christian McBride Trio at the Auditorium at TSRI, September 24, 2012

Photos by Michael Klayman

In a concert sponsored by the La Jolla Athenaeum, bassist Christian McBride brought his top-notch trio to Auditorium at TSRI on Monday.

McBride’s band included pianist Christian Sands, a 23-year-old virtuoso with wicked technical skills. His playing was very clean and precise. As the main melodic instrument, he never ran out of ideas on the solos, and never sounded bored while comping behind McBride’s solos. Ulysses Owens Jr. is another young guy who’s already a first call drummer. With imaginative solos that showed chops and groove, Owens, Jr. had bandleader McBride shouting words of encouragement at him throughout the show.

Christian McBride’s playing was superb as always. He provides solid support, but never lets the audience forget who’s in charge. He can, and has, toured with the greats, but his cultivation of the next generation of stars is commendable.

Photos – Christian McBride Trio at the Auditorium at TSRI

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