Turn Off Your Television Drop New EP, Remain Awesome

Full EP Download: Turn Off Your Television – Wasted Time

Just last year, Sweden’s Turn Off Your Television went and wowed us with their self-titled debut album. Here’s what we said then:

With their pop sensibility and crisp production, Turn Off Your Television share some similarities with [other Swedish] artists, but they break from the herd by infusing their music with a rustic feel usually reserved for folk. The result is the best of both worlds: Turn Off Your Television’s songs are catchy but emotional, airy but earthy, and always captivating.

The record made our Best of 2011 list and to this day we still listen to it more than any one album should probably be listened to. Not content to rest on their laurels, the band already released its follow-up, Humble Waves, in October. The sophomore album didn’t slump, delivering all the catchy, vulnerable pop stylings that made its predecessor so compelling. For a taste of that album, check out the video for “Planets Will Collide For You” above.

But that was way, way back in October, and the prolific Turn Off Your Television already have a newer release: the Wasted Time EP, which just came out today. The four tracks include the gorgeous “Long Walk” (previously available only in video form) and a new version of the cathartic “Keep It Safe” from their debut album. And the best part: as with all of Turn Off Your Television’s releases, the Wasted Time EP is available for free/pay-what-you-want download on the band’s webpage.

So go grab yourself a copy of the new EP and, while you’re at it, the band’s two albums. You won’t be disappointed.

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