Live Review and Photos: Buke & Gase at the Casbah, February 20, 2013

Photos by Chris Maroulakos
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Stream: Buke & Gase – “Hiccup”
Stream: Buke & Gase – “General Dome”

Buke & Gase rode a wave of buzz straight into the Casbah on Tuesday.

The duo has been receiving some deserved attention lately, thanks to the adventurous new LP, General Dome. Their renditions of album tracks “Houdini Crush,” “Cyclopean,” and “Split Like A Lip, No Blood On The Beard” were faithful to the recorded versions, though the wild, intricate sound did threaten to get away from them at times.

But what the live performance lacked in studio polish, it made up for in congeniality. With a sound as avant as Buke & Gase’s, it would have been reasonable to expect a stuffy, pretentious atmosphere. But singer/buke-ist Arone Dyer proved a cordial frontwoman, barely suppressing her smiles throughout the set. Once the current wave of interest in the band wears off, Dyer’s enthusiasm seems potent enough to keep Buke & Gase going for the long haul.

Photos – Buke & Gase at the Casbah

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