Video Premiere: Champ – “Real Cool Kids”

San Diego band Champ have just released the video for their song “Real Cool Kids,” and we’ve got the first look.

Champ is the new project from Andrew Armerding and Greg Theilmann of local synth-rockers Hills Like Eliphants. Armerding and Theilmann are joined by Ferran Nicolls on vocals, who they discovered singing at a karaoke bar. See, aspiring singers? You never know who might be watching while you’re belting out that rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

“Real Cool Kids” is the first track to be released by the trio, who have more songs waiting in the wings. “So far we intend [Champ] to be more of a recording project than a live act, but we do play to play out from time to time,” said Armerding. “We intend to release all of our music for free downloads and free use under creative commons.”

It may just be their first release, but “Real Cool Kids” is a damn good start. Anchored by the heartbeat of Armerding’s bass line and the trippy catchiness of Nicolls’ vocals, the song is like an earworm that did a whole bunch of drugs before passing out in your brain.

And the self-directed video, which the band cheekily describes as “a hard-hitting documentary about the local animals of North Park and various government conspiracies,” takes things to a whole other level. Comprised of home footage of various animals in increasingly surreal situations, the video casts an alternately hypnotic and hilarious spell.

You can watch “Real Cool Kids” above or download it in MP3 form here.

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