Video Premiere: Old Man Wizard – “Traveller’s Lament”

Local band Old Man Wizard are set to release their debut album, Unfavorable, on November 1. But that’s still a ways off, so you can whet your whistle now with our exclusive premiere of the video for “Traveller’s Lament.”

Directed by Jessica Rudolph and Wisdom Morm, “Traveller’s Lament” finds manic pixie dream girl Minni Jo Mazzola (who also plays flute and contributes vocals on the track) leading Old Man Wizard frontman Nicolas Cage Francis Charles Roberts through the woods. Then, the proverbial bottom drops out and things get pretty, pretty weird. The concept was created by Roberts and Rudolph, who claim they borrowed heavily from Hexvessel’s “Sacred Marriage” video.

“The song is mostly about growing up and make-believe,” Roberts told us. “It’s an innocent take on the loss of innocence, if you will. A reminder to not take things so seriously, but also to treat things with respect.”

Along with the rest of the songs on Unfavorable, “Traveller’s Lament” was written two years ago but only recorded last summer.

“I wrote the songs without really caring about what genre they’d end up being,” said Roberts, “and I’m really happy with the final sound (looking back, it’s difficult to believe that this was almost a death metal project). It’s been worth every second of lost sleep, and I’m absolutely ecstatic to share it with everyone else who believes in the project.”

Old Man Wizard will celebrate the fruits of their labor on November 8 at the Tin Can, where they’ll be joined by Boy King and Gloomsday. The band also has a second music video up its wizard sleeve, which should be released sometime in October.

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