Flaggs - Please Santa

Flaggs Unwrap Their New Christmas Track


Sick of hearing the same old Christmas songs all the time? Want to set Frosty on fire and give Rudolph a bloody nose? San Diego’s Flaggs have just the gift for you.

The ass-kicking trio, which includes The Nervous Wreckords’ Lindsay Matheson and The New Kinetics’ Leslie Schultze, has done the unthinkable in a season saturated with endless covers of hackneyed classics: they wrote a new Christmas song. With its jangling guitar and jingling percussion, the recently released “Please Santa” is all bouncy charm. By the time the sugary chorus rolls around, even the most Scrooge-like listeners will find themselves tapping along.

“For the most part, holiday music typically brings on an onslaught of moans, eye rolls, and annoyance,” Matheson told us. “I remember working a retail job and I always hated the month of December — it seemed like the same 10 holiday songs were on repeat for the entire month.”

And so Flaggs set out to contribute their own Christmas song to the mix. “[We wanted to write] one that wasn’t too contrived and could be listened to year-round despite the seasonal theme,” Matheson said. “I always get a little sentimental around the holidays as well, so the song came at a sincere time of hoping I had a special someone to spend it with.”

“Please Santa” has so much plucky charm that it’s hard to imagine Santa Claus ignoring Matheson’s wish. And Santa, while you’re listening, Flaggs have another Christmas request for you: “A lifetime supply of Coors Original #taptherockies.”

“Please Santa” was recorded with Mike Kamoo at Earthling Studios. You can download it for free from Flaggs’ website.

Flaggs tour dates
Dec. 20, 2013: The Satellite – Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 07, 2014: 91x Loudspeaker Live – San Diego, CA
Jan. 15, 2014: The Redwood Bar – Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 31, 2014: The Tower Bar – San Diego, CA

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