Live Photos: Angel Olsen at Soda Bar, March 1, 2014

Angel Olsen at Soda Bar
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

The Soda Bar was sold out on Friday, but you could’ve heard a pin drop. Fans packed the venue to feast their ears on the gorgeous sounds of Angel Olsen, the cat-eyed musician behind the excellent new album Burn Your Fire for No Witness. Unlike during opener Cian Nugent‘s set — which bore a closer resemblance to some dude doodling on an acoustic guitar in the corner at a noisy party than an actual performance — attendees paid strict, respectful attention to even the quietest moments of tender tracks like “Unfucktheworld” and “Enemy.”

“I think there were like 12 people last time I played here,” Olsen remarked to the packed house. It probably didn’t hurt that Burn Your Fire for No Witness just got a best new music nod from Pitchfork, or that it’s one of the most haunting albums you’ll hear all year.

Angel Olsen at Soda Bar

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