Soft Lions Crank Up the ‘Energy’

Soft Lions
Photos by T. Loper

It’s only been six months since Soft Lions released their debut EP, but they’ve already finished the follow-up. The San Diego band will drop the four-song Earth Energy on June 7.

Soft Lions have already unveiled the title track on BandCamp, and it’s a rocker. Megan Liscomb’s blistering guitar lead sends the track blasting out of the gate, and within seconds the band is firing on all cylinders. Jon Bonser’s tribal drumming, Lex Pratt’s crackling keys, and Liscomb’s expressive vocals coalesce perfectly, proving beyond a doubt that this band — despite the members’ various other musical commitments — is no side project.

We asked Liscomb to share the ideas that went into the song.

“‘Earth Energy’ is about facing the lizard-brain, destructive side of myself and watching the cycles of nature play out in relationships,” Liscomb said. “Nature creates and destroys prolifically over and over and over and doesn’t give a shit about us. It’s beautiful and terrible and amazing, and we’re all part of it. We’re animals that think we’re rational and in control but we just aren’t. I guess it sounds kinda dark. Whatever.”

(For those of you imagining Liscomb saying the above in a brooding Japanese accent, it should be noted that we totally got that quote from her before Godzilla came out.)

Soft Lions

Other tracks on the EP include “Diary,” “Mountain,” and “Soft As Lions,” the latter of which accidentally inspired the trio’s name. “The band actually got named after that song because one practice Jon called it ‘Soft Lions’ and Lex thought that would be a good name for us,” Liscomb told us.

The cover artwork was done by Pratt, who Liscomb says “does a really amazing job of taking the mood and themes in the songs and translating them into images.”

You can pick up a copy of Earth Energy on shiny compact disc format at Soft Lions’ EP release show, which will go down at the Soda Bar on June 7. San Francisco band Painted Palms will open.

Photos: Soft Lions

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