Live Photos: Veruca Salt at the Roxy (Los Angeles), June 27, 2014

Veruca Salt
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Veruca Salt may have gone away for a while, but their fans never did. That much was clear at Friday’s sold-out Roxy show in Los Angeles, where attendees — some of whom had traveled from other cities and/or were Tom Morello and Fred Armisen — eagerly gathered to witness one of the reunited band’s first post-comeback shows.

Looking every bit as happy to be there as the audience was, front women Nina Gordon and Louise Post packed the set with tracks from Veruca Salt’s classic American Thighs and Eight Arms to Hold You albums as well as the lesser-known Blow It Out Your Ass EP. The crowd was not messing around, appearing just as comfortable reciting the lyrics to deep-cut epics like “Twinstar” and “Earthcrosser” as it did radio hits like “Seether” and “Volcano Girls.”

As the show neared the two-hour mark and the band returned for a second encore, Veruca Salt were in danger of running out of songs to play. It looks like they’ll just have to write some more new material — and if that material’s anything like the recently released MMXIV single, it’ll be every bit as good as the songs that fans have spent the last two decades cherishing.

Photos: Veruca Salt at the Roxy

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