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English band Young Rebel Set played a late, late show on October 12 at the Casbah.

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The band took the stage around midnight and played a solid set for a good-sized crowd, with favorites including “The Lash of the Whip” and “Yesca and the Fever.” The band is touring to support their new album, Crocodile, a collection of folk-inspired rock songs that draw inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen, and Dylan.

Before the show, I sat down with Young Rebel Set members Matthew Chipchase (vocals & acoustic), Luke Evans (drums), and Mark Evans (electric guitar). In the wide-ranging discussion, we talked about the band’s Trainspotting-inspired video for “The Lash of the Whip,” their love of Mexican food, influences, and more. Check out the interview (and the band’s video for “The Lash of the Whip”) above.

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