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Video Premiere: Botanica Chango – “The Juice”

Things get weird in Botanica Chango‘s new video for “The Juice.”

Botanica Chango formed only recently, but members of the band have been entertaining San Diego for years. Fronted by Carlos Valente Jr. (lead vocals, guitar) along with Tyler J. French (guitar, keys), and Josh Becker (rhythm), the group also includes musicians from Hills Like Elephants (Sean Davenport on keys and vocals, Michael Alan Hams on drums and vocals) and the indefinitely hiatused A Scribe Amidst the Lions (Bobby Roquero on bass, Hams again).

The group’s first music video takes Becker on a bleary-eyed odyssey that starts in the bed of a Dodge Ram 250 named Jolene and continues to the Lion’s Share and the Horton Grand Hotel.

Becker’s moral panic at memories of the previous night’s debauchery is rivaled only by his increasing confusion. The night’s activities apparently included heavy drinking, an encounter with a prostitute, and sipping brandy while slowly counting large piles of cash. (The latter being a favorite pass time at the Owl and Bear offices as well.)

The video’s protagonist might be hungover, but the music is anything but. Botanica Chango’s jaunty rhythms and bright tones are sure to get even the clenchiest of butts shaking.

“The Juice” was filmed by Blake Raynor and Cory Ring of Kakalak Collective. According to the band, the concept was inspired by “internal dilemmas and perception of reality.” You can watch our exclusive world premiere of the video above.

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