Elvis Perkins

Live Photos: Elvis Perkins at the Hideout, May 11, 2015

Elvis Perkins
Photos by Chris Maroulakos

Elvis Perkins played an intimate set at the Hideout on Monday.

The folk musician’s set completed the trilogy of sparse, acoustic sets begun by openers Vikesh Kapoor and Peter Oren. But whereas those musicians’ vocal inflections too closely resembled Bob Dylan and Randy Newman respectively, Perkins’ stylings were refreshingly his own. He touched upon songs from his new album I Aubade before traveling “back in time” to his stunning debut Ash Wednesday.

Looking right at home amid the Hideout’s rural, hunting-lodge decor, the droll yet sassy Perkins played several songs from his sophomore effort Elvis Perkins in Dearland. One highlight included a slowed-down version of “Doomsday,” for which he enlisted the crowd to provide choral backups.

Photos: Elvis Perkins at the Hideout

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