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Lullabies in Nerdland

Comic-Con International 2010 came and went, leaving behind all its star-studded blockbuster buzz and its traumatic encounters with cellulite precariously wrapped in spandex hot pants (my Wonder Woman fantasies are forever destroyed). We’ll be bringing you our take on the world’s largest comic convention in the coming days, but in the meantime, here’s a video that captures the live-action fever dream that the folks at Owl and Bear got lost in this weekend.

Also, look below for some custom made owl, bear, and owlbear sketches by some generous Comic-Con artists. Continue reading…

The Comic-Con Has Landed

Westboro Baptist Church counter-protesters

Every July the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my heartbeat quickens. I can sense the gathering of nerds from all over the globe. It’s a mecca for the most hardcore geeks. I’m talking about San Diego Comic Con. It is the Super Bowl for the sci-fi/fantasy/horror/pop-culture fan in all of us. Between the days of July 22-25, the San Diego Convention Center houses thousands of vendors selling toys, statues, costumes, video games, movies, memorabilia, and of course comic books. Continue reading…