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Mavis Staples Plays the Belly Up Tonight

The Chicago R&B legend is touring to support her new Jeff Tweedy-produced album.

We Alter Reality. You Are Sold a Preconceived Narrative (Video)

For Fox Sake! (Video)

‘So we’re basically like crabs living in the Earth’s pubes?’

Operation Glenn Beck (Video)

If only the ailing Glenn Beck, 16 months ago, had received the health care he’s raving about today. h/t Journerdism

‘Heh heh heh, I’m the Decider’ (Video)

Part three of a four-part series in which Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones carefully compares Iranian culture with our own, and unequivocally declares America’s superiority. Holy crap, it’s amazing.

‘If I Got a Rabid Chipmunk at 100 Yards…I Can Take Him Out Before He Gets to My Family’ (Video)

‘[Limbaugh] Was That Cartoonish’ (Video)

I had a dream about Michael J. Fox last night, so I must’ve been destined to post this clip today.

‘We Knew He Liked Drugs, So We Cleaned Up Times Square’ (Video)

‘I’m Not Sure There’s Nurple Purple Enough’ (Video)

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