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More is More: Owl and Bear’s Favorite Director’s Cuts

With the increasing popularity of internet streaming, DVDs may not be long for this world. The first quarter of 2011 saw a 20% drop in DVD sales, the Blu-Ray format hasn’t rescued the the flagging market, and even Netflix is moving away from those antiquated plastic discs in favor of the easier streaming model.

How did this happen? When they were first introduced in the ’90s, DVDs were a film lover’s dream — not just because of their superior quality, but because of all those glorious special features. Supplemental bonuses like commentaries, deleted scenes, and director’s cuts made us feel less like boobs as we watched the tube, enriching our knowledge and maybe even our appreciation of cinema. Continue reading…

Fox to Strip Special Features From Rental DVDs

If you don’t like the movie that you rented, at least you only paid $4 for it and you don’t own it; and if you love the movie, you get to watch it and all the accompanying special features at a fraction of the retail price. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is about to take the insurance away from us. Starting March 31, Fox will begin stripping rental DVDs of their special features in an attempt to increase DVD sales.