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Fruit Bats to ‘Ruminate,’ Tour Extensively (MP3)

Fruit Bats
It’s been 4 years since Fruit Bats put out a new record (not including an excellent tour-only LP), so it’s with open arms that we embrace (how else do you do it?) the latest offering from Eric D. Johnson and Co. The Ruminant Band will be released on August 4 in both CD and gatefold LP fashion.

Excellently, if you pre-order through Sub Pop on or before the release date, the ‘Pop will shave $2 off the ‘Bats album’s “already well-priced price.” SubPop also promises to enclose trinkets and doodads and “whatever else they can find” to spruce up the package, but that’s not news; they’ve always been good for that. Consider it pre-ordered, SubPop. MP3 and tourdates after the jump. Continue reading