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Poetic Memory: Paleo (List)

Full album stream: Paleo – Fruit of the Spirit
MP3: Paleo – “Holly Would”

David Strackany, also known as Paleo, is perhaps best known for The Song Diary, wherein he undertook the monumental effort of writing 365 songs in a single year. As an added bonus, he used a “half-size children’s guitar” while living out of his car and being essentially homeless. Continue reading…

Live Review: Louis C.K. at Balboa Theater, December 4, 2010

For a comedian, Louis C.K. tells very few jokes. Instead, the funnyman gets laughs with his dry, often exasperated observations and musings. But whereas comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Lewis Black have made names for themselves with observational humor and frazzled rants, respectively, Louis C.K. blends those elements into an amusing concoction made all the more palatable by his everyman charm. Continue reading…