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Interview: Darwin Deez

Between songs on stage, Darwin Deez and his band have been known to break out in choreographed dance routines. To some, that alone would be worth the price of admission. But Deez is much more than just loose feet: his saccharine pop bounces around in your head and leaves you with a dizzying sugar high.

His self-titled debut is set for release in April on Lucky Number Music, and it’s a winner. We caught up with Deez as he prepared to embark on an opening gig for the 2010 NME Radar Tour with Hurts and Everything, Everything. Continue reading

Darwin Deez – ‘Radar Detector’ (Video)

Darwin Deez is clearly a guy who knows how to have a good time. The all-dancing, vegan food-serving, self-recording musician recently put out his debut full-length—on “deluxe CDR“, no less—which has since been picked up by London label Lucky Number Music. Overflowing with joyous, unabashed pop, the self-titled album’s eccentricities are as engaging as they are amusing.

The new video for “Radar Detector” is a perfect example of Deez’s quirky talent and effortless musicianship. Directed by Ace Norton, the clip gleefully employs cheesy effects to illustrate Deez’s boundless affection for his ladyfriend.

Deez is currently schlepping his bouncy beats and sweet dance moves across Europe on a tour that will last until May. Let’s hope a US tour follows soon thereafter.